Examples of Train Scales

//Examples of Train Scales
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Installation of a Train Scale

1. Placement of a new Train Scale

2. Preparations of railway – cut off rails

3. Digging the foundation

4. Delivery truck pulls up next to the foundation

5. Lifting separately 1st and 2nd module with 2 cranes

6. Anchor the pre-assembeld modules into the foundation onto the base plates

7. Lifting separately 1st and 2nd railwaybridge with 2 cranes

8. Anchor the 2 railwaybridges onto the 2 modules

9. Installation of the railwaybridges onto the modules

10. Filling and level the area around the module and railweighbridge

11. 8 load cells (4 of each railwaybridge) are installed and connected to the indicator

12. Calibration of the Train Scale

13. Trains scale is electrically connected with the indicator and calibrated after passing successfully verfication.