Pauli Weighing Systems supplies a variety of truck and rail weighing solutions designed to meet your specific use and performance requirements. We also supply weighing terminals as well as accessories such as lightning protection, wireless remote displays, load cells but also vehicle scale management software, enabling us to provide you with the most comprehensive, reliable vehicle weighing solutions available on the market today.

Installation Procedure of a Truck Scale:

1. Delivery truck pulls up next to the foundation.

2. Unload and place the base plates.

3. Unload the module with the crane.

4. Anchor module in place.

5. Unload the pre-assembled weighbridge with two cranes

6. Installation of the weighbridge onto the module

7. Filling and level the area around the module and weighbridge

8. Load cells are installed and connected to the indicator.

9. Calibration of the truck scale

10. Truck Scale is electrically connected with the Indicator and calibrated after passing successfully verification.

Please also refer to our link train and truck projects for further information.  

We offer vehicle scales to our customer’s specifications. For further information and assistance in regards of those specific vehicle scales please contact our sales team.