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Move the cursor over the individual components.

Bench scale – for weighing, counting and picking merchandise. For KLT, boxes, bags, etc. dimensions e.g. 500 x 400 mm, weighing e.g. 60 kg, 30 kg, 15 kg and 3 kg.

The Indicator – The heart of the Counting Scales

The Indicator (1) can be connected to the PC (8) in the Office and via an Ethernet Cable (7) what  provides access to previous weighing data and other log details in the PC database.

The Indicator itself offers provision for up to 3 Counting Scales, e.g.

Reference Scales (6) for counting small parts and a number of pieces used on;

Bench Scale (5)  which is used for counting  and weighing  KLT boxes, bag  (sizes 500 x 400 mm) up to 60 kg;

Floor Scales (4) for larger items like crates, containers and pallets (item size 1500 x 1250 mm) up to 1500 kg.

Accessories like  a label printer(2) and bar code reader(3) may also be connected to the Indicator. The bar code reader (optional with cable or radio link) provides accurate entry of associated data such as Order No., Item No., etc.  The printer is connected via an RS232 interface to display the device documents which can be formated by customers individually.