overviewCrane Scales are used for overhead industrial weighing and are ideal for tough material handling appications in metal handling centers, warehouses, shipping docks, foundries, aviation and batching facilities. At Pauli Weighing Systems we offer very good products in rugged and dependable crane scales from our German manufacturer.

While crane scales are a type of hanging scale, they are often used for much tougher and bigger applications and can often be found in warehouses or at ports for the off loading of ships. Crane scales have two functions: A: to provide the weight of an item, B: to ensure operators do not overload the crane or hoist and to offer a safety function. Hanging scales are typically lower in capacity and price, whilst the crane scales have capacities up to 100 tons and are more expensive.

From good valued Digital crane scales (Mod. PWS-CS LD) for normal industrial applications to crane scales for extreme robust and harsh environments (PWS-CS- LK,KGW,KGY)

Crane scales for EX-approved zones (ATEX)

Calibrated Scales (LDN/LKe,KGY)

Special applications with double hook and weather protection for outside use