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display_01Digital scale displays simplify your work and make processes much faster. Therefore, digital scale displays are often used in weighing systems to display weights and scales.

The transfer of information to a weight display over a variation of serial interfaces in a large numeric display is possible over a laptop with a user-friendly configuration software and an included cable for simple parameterization. Also, it is necessary to have a serial Sub-D or USB interface. The accompanying software clearly shows the user the operating parameters of the display, which allows fast and easy operation of the weighing display.

Following are listed the special digital displays:

  • LED display technology
  • Light reflecting displays
  • Transflective LCD      displays with background light
  • Extremely bright LED      display variations with wide reading angle and automatic brightness sensor, which is done automatically depending on the surrounding light

The extremely bright LED display improves the capability to read the weighing display even during periods of direct sunlight. The automatic brightness control can also be configured, which supports the already wide angle reading capabilities of 120° for in/outdoor areas. Thereby eliminating any complicated remounting or adjustment of the display panel.

All weight displays of this product group are in robust, steel or aluminum wall mounted housing. For the most part, display panels, in connection with customers wishes, are also available in stainless steel.